Don’t be confused if you want to do gardening in small spaces! Don’t think that your small space is a limitation. You only need to focus and fight for being creative to maximize the existed space you have.  When you are getting ready to fight for, it’s time to start a ‘war’; a war to find the best plants for your small garden.

Rather than just planting flowers that only give you an extra look on your exterior, growing vegetables will be much more beneficial. In addition to utilizing small space into a beautiful garden, you can also save money shopping vegetables by harvesting your own garden.

Choosing The Right Vegetables for Gardening in Small Spaces

There are many kinds of vegetables. There are also many sellers who sell vegetable seeds. Now it’s time to decide what vegetables are suitable for gardening in small spaces. But before we find out more, there are at least three things you should know about deciding what kind of vegetables you will plant in your small garden. First, choose the vegetables that you often eat. Second, plant vegetables that are expensive. By planting it you can save much more money. Three, select a unique plant and rarely found in supermarkets. Supermarkets only sell vegetables that are popular and often bought by people, if we can grow unusual vegetables, who knows could be a business field in the future.

From our search results, here are some types of vegetables that are suitable to be grown on limited land.

Gardening in Small Spaces with Garlic Idea (pic source: pinterest)


You will always need it to cook anything. Having it in your garden will be great fun because you don’t need to buy too often in the supermarket.

Gardening in Small Spaces with Purple Broccoli
Gardening in Small Spaces with Purple Broccoli (pic source:

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Green broccoli can easily be found in supermarkets, but broccoli with a purple color like this is not always we can get. Surely your neighbor will be amazed to see you can eat purple broccoli when they cannot get it. It’s time to invite them to have dinner together at home.

Gardening in Small Spaces with Cherry Tomatoes
Gardening in Small Spaces with Cherry Tomatoes (pic source: pinterest)

Cherry Tomatoes

Besides beneficial to provide additional flavors in the cuisine we make, cherry tomatoes provide beautiful scenery with their attractive colors and shapes. Moreover, the way to care them is very easy.

Gardening in Small Spaces with Vertical Herbs Idea
Gardening in Small Spaces with Vertical Herbs Idea (pic source: pinterest)


Herbs will always be needed in every time cooking. This type of vegetable is very easy to plant, not just outdoors; you can also plant them in the hanging pot you put in the kitchen.

Gardening in small spaces with the right vegetables will provide many benefits for your life. Not only is your body healthier because eat more vegetables with good quality, but also your soul is fresher because of fun gardening activities.