Before you deciding the right garden designs for small spaces that can suitable for your house, it is better to know more about do’s and don’ts of developing a small garden.

Having small garden brings both positive and negative effects. The positive thing is about the ease in caring the garden. Smaller space you have, smaller efforts to clean and take care. The negative thing is you should choose carefully where the best spot for utilizing as your garden.

Do’s and Don’ts about Garden Designs for Small Spaces

To get the best garden designs for small spaces, there are some requirements to fulfill in order to get a perfect view. Although smaller space could mean easier caring, but it also means that we need much consideration to reach a good purpose of a limited space. That’s why you need a few things about making a small garden looks pretty.

Garden Designs in Small Spaces about Balance and Creativity
Garden Designs in Small Spaces about Balance and Creativity (pic source: pinterest)


No matter how small your garden is, you must have a counterweight. Provide a courtyard, though small, to give a balanced impression on your small garden.


Put a built-in seat in the corner so you can relax in your garden while enjoying the flowers that are in bloom. You can also use this seating to have warm chat with friends or family.


If there is a wall that can be used, make the wall as a vertical garden to provide a lush effect.


When choosing plants for small gardens, you should not go crazy on many colors. More monochromatic cold color schemes (like blues, violets, yellows and greens) are strongly recommended. If you choose the wrong color theme, your small garden will feel closed and limited.


Do not forget to give the right lighting, so your garden will continue to look beautiful, even late at night.

Best garden designs for small spaces are not about having too much furniture, or too many flowers. Small garden is all about balance and creativity. Happy gardening!