You can create mini indoor garden ideas anywhere; living room, bedroom, even bathroom. However, kitchen is always a superb spot to get fresher look. Why? Cooking activities often produce a stinging and uncomfortable odor in the nose. With the green plants, the smell can be absorbed more quickly so that the kitchen will always be fresh and comfortable.

Besides having a garden in the kitchen can add kitchen decor without having to add excessive and expensive accessories. Green plants or fresh flowers will also foster our spirit to cook and gather with family. The more oxygen we get, the more excited we go through the day.

Mini Indoor Kitchen Garden Ideas

Below we would give you some stunning ideas of unique mini indoor garden in kitchen. Here you would not only see a fresh, green and lovable indoor garden, but you would also get inspiring and fascinating garden ideas.

The indoor garden in kitchen could come both in traditional style and modern, even contemporary style. Now, home designers have found many ideas to make a kitchen look extravagant only by placing some green plants in very good arrangement.

Mini Indoor Garden Kitchen with Herb Idea
Mini Indoor Garden Kitchen with Herb Idea (pi source:

Herb Plants in Mason Jars

You will need some herbs when cooking. Instead of buying too many herbs and wasting a lot of money, why you don’t try to plant it? You just need mason jar and wood board. Arrange neatly and beautifully, and then put one type of herb into a mason jar. Do not forget to write the herb’s name so you can easily pick it up when you need it to cooking. Cool idea, right? You can get herbs in a cheap and easy way as well as get a unique kitchen decor.

Mini Indoor Garden with DIY Wooden Board
Mini Indoor Garden with DIY Wooden Board (pic source:

Simple Wooden Board

If you have simple white modern kitchen, you could give it special touch by placing some green plants on wooden board. Put the board on the wall near the cooking spot, so that you can get fresher air while doing your kitchen activities.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are everywhere. Make some do-it-yourself planters and hang them over the kitchen countertop. You would get a beautiful décor as well as fresh air idea. You could make the planters from plastic bottles or unused lamp bulbs.

Mini indoor garden ideas for kitchen are really good step to create a comfortable space for cooking and gathering with your family. You would get fresh air as well as get a yummy food.