Do you love gardening but feel confused because you don’t have enough space to do your hobby? Don’t worry we’ll give you top tips for gardening in small spaces. The tips hopefully could help you to eliminate your confusedness and getting ready to do your hobby. Remember that doing your passionate hobby could help you to have happy life.

Be Happy with Gardening in Small Spaces

Sometimes people think that gardening should only be done in very large space. That’s why some people who live in a house with small yard or even no yard at all would think that gardening is only a dream. That is really big mistake. Gardening could be done in all kinds of spaces, both wide and small; it is only about your willingness.

You can garden anywhere by maximizing the available space that you have. Even if you don’t have any space at all, you can maximize all the things you have. Here we can give you some bright ideas of gardening in small spaces.

First, go with vertical idea.

gardening in small spaces with vertical idea
gardening in small spaces with vertical idea (source:

If your available space at home is only your wall, why don’t you try to maximizing it? You could garden on your wall by putting some hanging pots or some do it yourself planters. For example, you can turn your old shoe pocket storage system into edible planter.

Second, do basket gardening.

If you have limited yard, you could turn your old basket or paint drum into a unique garden space. Clean the basket or the drum, paint them with special characters or color, prepare the soil and the plants, and your basket garden is ready to beautify your house.

Third, do indoor gardening.

gardening in small spaces with indoor idea
gardening in small spaces with indoor idea (source:

If you think it’s very impossible to do outdoor gardening, you can start doing indoor gardening. You can have table top gardening by putting a small cute pot with colorful flowers or cactus.

There are still many ideas of gardening in small spaces, but the most important thing that you should remember is your space may be limited, but don’t limit your imagination. Happy gardening!