When small space comes to your mind, what would you think of? Perhaps you would take a deep and long breath and feel sorry why you should have small space. What can you do with the small space? Well, complaining will not produce anything. All you need now is the spirit for collecting brilliant ideas in order to overcome the limitations of existing land.

Small space is always considered as a limitation and barriers in many ways, including in gardening. Though there are many small space garden design ideas that are very inspiring and will make you realize that there is no limit to creativity.

No Limit on Small Space Garden Design Ideas

Small Space Garden Design Ideas with Rooftop
Small Space Garden Design Ideas with Rooftop (pic source: http://www.hostelgarden.net)

Some say that compulsion and limitations will usually produce genius ideas. It appears to be evident in the small space garden design ideas below. You will see that small space is not an obstacle in gardening. Moreover, basically, gardening needs only planting media and the plant itself. The rest are intentions, intentions, intentions and actions! So, do you have all those required items? If the answer is yes, it means that you are getting ready for these inspiring and genius ideas of small space garden design.

Put the garden on the roof

You don’t have either backyard or front yard? No problemo! You still have roof, right? Then it is time to start a roof gardening. Put some pretty flowers and comfortable furniture, you will get ready to enjoy the sun sets on your roof garden.

Small Space Garden Design Ideas with Balcony
Small Space Garden Design Ideas with Balcony (pic source: http://www.idealhome.co.uk/garden/garden-ideas/small-garden-design-ideas-39-of-the-best-88956)

Balcony garden idea

If you have small balcony, you can turn it into pretty and fascinating garden idea. Put cozy furniture with proper cushions to get a comfy seat for having conversation with your family. To provide shade, you can plant a lush tree. The tree in addition to protecting you from the stinging sun, also provide comfort when gathered with family. Balcony garden can also be a place to receive guests in outdoors when the sunny day.

Mix and match

When small space is your problem, then what you need to do is about mixing and matching all media that you can maximize. For example, you can put small green plants with white stone around in the center of wood decking. You would never know how beautiful it is until you try it by yourself.

These three small space garden design ideas will certainly produce other genius ideas. You just need to open your eyes, ears and hands. Gardening is one activity that can increase creativity and patience. Happy gardening!