Every adult will always have a child’s side in their soul. It’s just that the child’s side is usually buried along with all the routines and experiences of our life. But when needed, the child’s side may appear and entertain us when the life feels so gloomy and boring. One of child’s sides in grown-up person is to maintain the imagination of something absurd. If you like gardening, you can let your absurd imagination go into fairy garden ideas for small spaces.

Fairy garden is a garden design that is arranged in such a way based on children’s imagination. Usually in fairy garden, you will not only find the colorful flowers or beautiful plants, but you will also see miniature houses, bikes, cars or animals that will be unique decorations.

Let Your Child Side Be Free with Fairy Garden Ideas

Designing fairy garden is not difficult. All you need is to let your imagination go unlimited. You do not need to stick to plants, furniture or formal layouts. You just need to be free in order to design surprising fairy garden ideas for small spaces.

Even the smaller the land you have, the more creative and unique fairy garden you will have. Designing a fairy garden will give you the opportunity to be free from all your boring busy activities.

Living with Elves

Fairy Garden Ideas for Small Spaces with Elves
Fairy Garden Ideas for Small Spaces with Elves (pic source: https://www.thespruce.com/flowering-fairy-gardens-1315891)

When you were a child, you perhaps have wild imagination about elves. You could think that elves could make your life so much fun. Now, you can make your imagination into reality by creating a small garden with elves around. With small house and elves character, you can put some small green plants around them, your fairy garden is ready to give fun view for your home.

Having fun with swing

Fairy Garden Ideas for Small Spaces with Swing
Fairy Garden Ideas for Small Spaces with Swing (pic source: http://www.architectureartdesigns.com/17-of-the-coolest-diy-fairy-garden-ideas-for-small-backyards/)

Kids always love to swing. It was like flying into a cloud. You can bring back the fun through the fairy garden. Arrange the little plants in a unique basket. Then give funny decorations in the form of swings, miniature houses and some white stones as if the path. Your childhood memories come back to perfection.

Garden in a tree house

Fairy Garden Ideas for Small Spaces with Tree House
Fairy Garden Ideas for Small Spaces with Tree House (pic source: http://www.countryliving.com/gardening/garden-ideas/g3417/fairy-garden-ideas/?slide=3)

If you don’t have big trees at your home, don’t worry. You only need one and maximize the root of the tree as a spot for designing your unique fairy garden. Turn the spot into a unique house with small door, mushrooms and white stones that could wake up your beautiful childhood memories.

These fairy garden ideas for small spaces are only a little part of big imagination. Dig up your creativity and let your child side flying around.