Having both small and large front yard, we always want to have pretty and neat front yard design. We could find many front yard landscaping ideas out there, but make sure before apply those ideas on our front yard, we have noticed whether the front yard’s size would be proportional with the ideas.

Among ideas for decorating front yard, adding water feature is on the top list. We know and agree that water could give fresh and cool attachment to our front yard. However, if your front yard doesn’t large enough, you should be pay attention in choosing the right one. Consider the size and design. Too excessive is not good idea.

front yard landscaping ideas with bamboo fountain
front yard landscaping ideas with bamboo fountain (pic source: http://www.hgtv.com/design/outdoor-design/landscaping-and-hardscaping/tranquil-water-features-for-your-yard-pictures)

Water Feature Freshen The Front Yard

Before deciding which one water feature that you would choose for beautifying your front yard landscaping ideas, choose the perfect spot for placing the water feature. After you have got the perfect spot, you could start to choose the water feature design. These ideas below would help you to make a right decision.

Exotic Bamboo Fountain

There are many fountain designs, but having this exotic bamboo fountain would be great for your closed front yard idea. The design is very chic, traditional taste, but modern look. The water sound would give relaxing moments for your busy days.

Peaceful Rocky Pond

Create a fish pond from rock design. Combine it with small fountain that will add calming water sound is good idea for beautifying your front yard. Put lotus on the pond and you will get peaceful effect of this idea.

front yard landscaping ideas with river style
front yard landscaping ideas with river style (pic source: http://www.hgtv.com/design/outdoor-design/landscaping-and-hardscaping/tranquil-water-features-for-your-yard-pictures)

Small River

Try to make a unique modern river on your front yard. You can make it from copper box and place it over the front yard. Every day you can enjoy water goes through the copper tunnel, peaceful and calm.

After choosing the water feature for your front yard landscaping ideas, the next important thing to do is about lighting. Make your water feature looks pretty all day and night. On the day, it would be big problem since sun would help you to reveal the beauty of the water feature. However, on the night, you really need to put proper lighting to keep the water feature beautiful.