Don’t limit your ideas only because you have limited space. These genius ideas for gardening in small spaces would help you to make your house looks extravagant. You would realize that size is not really matters in gardening. The biggest idea to create beautiful garden is about your willingness and action.

Be Genius with Small Spaces Gardening

Actually you should thank to your small spaces, because they would help you to be more creative and genius. Limitations and compulsions will usually generate interesting and extraordinary ideas, including in gardening.

Don’t let your small spaces limit you. There are many wonderful ideas that you could copy and do it at your home. Here we collect some genius ideas that will inform you that gardening in small spaces is very challenging and attractive.

Kitchen Garden

gardening in small spaces with kitchen equipment
gardening in small spaces with kitchen equipment (pic source:

Who would have thought if the old kitchen equipment we can use to become a unique garden tool? We can use our old frying pan or muffin pan as a unique pot for our herb garden. In addition to utilizing used goods, we can create a unique garden and beautiful.

Pretty Terrarium

If you have clear jars at home, you can use it to create a terrarium garden. The trick is so easy, you just fill the clear jars with the soil and plants that you want and then arrange them near the window. Easy, cheap and do not spend a lot of places, right?

Bathroom Gardening

gardening in small spaces with bathroom idea
gardening in small spaces with bathroom idea (source pic:

As narrow as your house, surely you have a bathroom, right? If you really have given up and do not know anymore where you should make a garden in which part of your house, why don’t put your plants in the bathroom? Strange? Of course not. You merely will create a unique bathroom, as well as eco friendly and cool. If you do not believe it, try it yourself.

See, these genius ideas of gardening in small spaces will break all the limitations you have. Be prepared to find other unique ideas and immediately show off your own unique garden. Happy gardening!