What do you want to see from your front yard landscaping ideas? Cute, unique, or extravagant? Whatever ideas you have, do not even make it seem too excessive and uncomfortable to look at. Maybe you only want to make the front yard look beautiful, and then you add a lot of thing there. However it’s good that you also pay attention to the composition and balance so that your front yard’s beauty is more proportional.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas; Be Balance and Proportional

Below there are many attachments that you can put to your front yard landscaping ideas. But before you choose either one or all of them to your front yard, pay attention to what is really needed and not, also adjust to the size of your front yard. All the ideas below are interesting, but that does not mean you have to put them in your front yard. Even one option could have made your front yard look amazing.

front yard landscaping ideas with walkway
front yard landscaping ideas with walkway (pic source: http://www.homedit.com/landscaping-ideas-for-your-home/)

Adding flowers or other plants

Adding flowers in different colors could make your front yard looks so colorful. It will create happiness as soon as you open your door or your bedroom’s window. If you don’t really like flowers, green plants also could give cool and eco-friendly look to your front yard.

Adding walkway and arbor

If you have large front yard, adding walkway and arbor there could be nice option. It will look as red carpet for your guests. It also could guide your guests to come in your house in the right path without stepping on your grass.

front yard landscaping ideas with water feature
front yard landscaping ideas with water feature (pic source: pinterest)

Adding water feature

Water could freshen you front yard. You could choose to put fountain or pond in your front yard. Fountain could give nice attraction that would make your kids amazed. While fish pond could relax your eyes while busy days. You might choose one or combine the ideas into one.

Whatever front yard landscaping ideas you have, you should consider the width, shape and size of your front yard, so that you can have balanced and proportional front yard.