Having garden doesn’t mean you should always have green plants on outdoor. When your outdoor space is too limited, maximizing the indoor space is also a good idea. Here we would give you some ideas of mini indoor garden. You would get amazed that a small touch of green plants in your outdoor space could give fresh look.

Indoor garden also could help you to refresh your mind after some busy hours and days. The green plant effects could give new spirit to go through the brand new days. Indoor garden also would give you more oxygen to breathe. Then, your house would be healthier and fresher.

Being Fresh with Mini Indoor Garden

Among these mini indoor garden ideas, which one would be your favorite? Let’s check one by one then. However, you should remember that having garden is not only about fresh and healthy outside, it is also about fresh and healthy inside. Healthy and fresh mind would create more happiness and healthier body for more hard days.

Amazing Lamp

Mini Indoor Garden with Lamp Idea
Mini Indoor Garden with Lamp Idea (pic source: http://www.woohome.com/diy-2/26-mini-indoor-garden-ideas-to-green-your-home)

There is not anyone ever think that lights can be transformed into an incredible indoor garden. With this idea you can once row, two three islands exceeded. In addition to lighting for the room, you can also get a cool and fresh room, and you will get a very unique room decoration.

Go Beautiful with Low Maintenance Plants

Mini Indoor Garden with Low Maintenance Plants
Mini Indoor Garden with Low Maintenance Plants (pic source: http://homesthetics.net/24-beautiful-ideas-indoor-mini-garden-collect/)

Having an indoor garden means you have to choose plants that do not require much care, such as cactus or the similar ones. Plants that do not need a lot of water and sunlight, but still provide the beauty and oxygen that is right for the room. With a sweet arrangement, the plants will still look amazing.

Great Hanging Planters

Mini Indoor Garden with Elegant Hanging Planters
Mini Indoor Garden with Elegant Hanging Planters (pic source: http://www.butterbin.com/indoor-garden-plants-ideas/)

Hanging planters are the best way to decorate indoor space with green plants. There are many fun and cute design of hanging planters, you could buy the ready-to-install planters or make them by yourself. You could choose which one you prefer. Hanging planters not only give you fresh view, but also beautiful decoration for your home.

These stunning mini indoor garden ideas would help you to create comfortable space to live in. You would not only get more oxygen, but you also would get more happiness.